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How I Notarize Step-by-step

How I Notarize Step-by-step

By Brenda Stone

NOTE:  I certainly don't want to be seen as offering legal advice.  I could have put it in first person rather than speaking to you.  But it sounds ridiculous, so I didn't.  Just know that these aren't legal advisories, only my notes on how I notarize.  

• Start a journal entry and collect necessary information about the signer and the document.

• ID the signer. Usually this means you will review the signer’s ID documentation. Alternatively, the signer may be introduced to you by someone you know personally (and knows the signer). Or, you can notarize for a signer who you know well without requiring ID documentation.

• Quickly scan the document, but only for for completeness and to collect information for your journal entry.

• If there are blanks, ask the signer to complete them.

• Note whether there is a notarial certificate. If there isn’t a certificate attached to the document, show the signer samples of certificates allowed by Texas law. The signer must pick one. Attach the chosen certificate to the document.

• Conduct the required verbal and/or signing ceremony.

  • Certificates of Acknowledgment - You do NOT have to see the document signed.  Your verbal ceremony will be similar to:  Do you acknowledge this is your signature and you have signed it for genuine purposes and intent?
  • Jurat - You MUST see the signer execute the document.  Your verbal ceremony will be similar to:  Do you swear or affirm that your statements above are truthful?  If yes,  please sign the document to signify so.

• Complete the certificate accurately.

• Affix your seal (stamp) and signature.

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