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Modern Marketing Techniques

Modern Marketing Techniques

by Brenda Stone 

Blogger:  Notaries & Notary News 

Marketing Director : Texas Notary Professionals

Successful  marketing strategies for notaries are much different how that they were just five years ago!  

How so?

Modern marketing material won't focus on what the sender (notary) wants to say.  

They must be targeted  to the person receiving the materials....they should be customized to pique the interest of the person who receives them. 

Sure, you can still do it the old way...the one-size-fits-all-way, but the results won't be nearly as promising. 

Sizzle don't Fizzle!

Modern marketers know that their materials either deliver a SIZZLING message that targeted clients want to hear or the message will FIZZLE OUT and die.  Your targeted client should be a little curious or at least a bit happy when receiving a marketing email piece from you.  You are a notary who seems to care about them...who understands what is going on  in their lives.  You don't treat them like a number or a dollar sign.  YOU care.  YOU send emails with content that proves you understand them.

So, don't get stuck In the past!

Don't rely on the way things were done in the recent past when a mobile notary's (or notary signing agent's) marketing materials consisted of a brochure or one-pager that functioned as notary locator for a single notary.   Brochures that notaries produced usually advertised who the notary was, where to find the notary, the notary's phone number, and listed the mobile notary's hours of operation. I should know.  I promoted that strategy, but it's  not enough any more!

How can you create excitement and curiosity?  

Below are a few suggestions --they all boil down to this:  Provide something that the client thinks is worthy of opening and reading.  

One way to do it is to offer a regional directory like the Texas Notary Professionals Directory.  

The Texas notary directory is built on the tried and true methods that Texas marketing cooperatives have engaged over the last century and longer--since Texas was born!  

Through cooperative marketing, Texas notaries are creating a limited group of notaries that represent a region--Texas.  They are able to collectively show professionalism in the ranks; therefore, they encourage interest by those who seek notaries for professional settings.

Aside from being a part of a marketing cooperative, you can also make your emails the kind your clients look forward to!

To make your client look forward to receiving your email marketing pieces, think about what the client wants to read; or discuss how to solve a problem that the client is dealing with.

How to Make it Happen-- 

The way that successful marketers are hitting the mark with prospective clients is to create a profile of the client. Truck drivers would be interested in a very different type of email than a nurse would be.   Marketers create campaigns that focus on groups of people with a set of needs, wants, and problems. 

For instance, let's consider what it might take to target elementary school teachers.    

Focusing Marketing Emails on Elementary School Teachers (for example)

Let's try these three methods to engage our targeted clients.  

  • Solving elementary school teachers' problems
  • Be entertaining for the teacher or students
  • Offer free items and coupons that teachers might be interested in

Solve a problem relating to finding a notary for students.

  • Make a list of instances when elementary school teachers need mobile notaries.
  • One instance would be that students needs notaries when they are going on field trips.  
  • Offer to come to the classroom to notarize documents.
  • Offer to arrange to meet with parents in groups for discount rates.

Provide something entertaining for the teacher's students.

  • Maybe you could try  "The Notary Times for Schools" in the subject line.
  • Perhaps you could include  something in your emails that would be of interest to students, for instance, a basic explanation of what a notary public is or  printable word finder puzzle with notary terms in it.


  • Have pens printed up with your name on it and have the recipient email you with his or her address.
  • Use Amazon giveaways.
  • Offer $5 off coupons for mobile notary transactions.
  • Offer free a 100% free trip and notarial act to a teacher who refers a paying client to you. 

List Your Mobile Notary Business in Notary Locator Services

Of course, no matter how great your marketing materials are, you should always budget advertising money for listing your  services in established, long-time, results-producing, notary locator services! (for Texans; join now - space will eventually be limited to certain numbers based on population) (my personal favorite) (personal favorite of many) (the #1 for many notaries) (a top locator run by a great guy named Joe)

Stay tuned, friends!  I will provide more tips and tricks.

Brenda Stone

ps - it is one gorgeous day today in College Station, Texas.

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